D.I.Y. Alloy Wheel Repair Kit

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This is an all-inclusive Alloy Wheel Repair Kit that allows for a complete job without any additional tools or expertise.

Utilizes paint that perfectly matches the paint on most OEM alloy wheels for a flawless repair job. 


  • Repair All Flaws

Capable of repairing damages ranging from scuffs to scratches and dents to curb rash.

  • Seamless Repair

Utilizes paint to perfectly match the paint on most wheels for a flawless-looking job.

  • Durable Finish

Proper repairs are able to withstand car washes and are resistant to both vibration and heat up to 266°F.

  • Wide Applications

Works for alloy wheels or steel wheels and can be used for hubcaps.


Clean the damaged alloy wheel with Alcohol prep pad.

For slightly damaged area: use wet sandpaper to accommodate the outlines to repair the surface, and lacquer repair area with alloy silver.

For large damaged area or with dents: use the repair adhesive. Press out the needed repair adhesive to a mat. Mix 2 components to a consistent grey mass with spatula provided (Finish the mixing within 2-4mins)

Fill with the mixed adhesive to overflow the damaged area. Dry for 15 mins.

Use wet sandpaper to accommodate the outlines to the repaired surface. Please repeat step 3 and 4 if needed.

Clean the repair area and apply a thin layer of lacquer by brush.

Leave it at least 12 hours before using the car and full cure takes ~3 days.


1 x Repair Glue (6ml)

1 x Silver Gray Paint (5ml)

1 × Sanding File

2 x Gloves

2 x Cotton Swabs

2 x Paint Brush

2 x Alcohol Prep Pads

2 x Plastic Spatula

1 x Instruction Manual

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